Visit to ISPRA

On the second day of our visit to Italy we went to the Joint Research Center in Ispra, which is the third largest European Commission site after Brussels and Luxembourg. JRC was established in 1960 and today it’s considered as one of Europe’s leading research campuses.
At around 7 am the group took a bus to Ispra. Upon arrival we were welcomed by a group of researchers at JRC which took us on a small tour around the main building. We got to see what some of the science ares were researching such as the health and consumer protection, agriculture and food security and environment and climate change.
We then went to another building were we got to listen to a presentation regarding nuclear safety and security, which was very interesting as well as informational. After the presentation we got a well deserved lunch break, but at that point we could also walk around the area and have a look around a small part of the campus.
Second to last we visited the research area where they research and develop all sorts of things regarding nuclear safety. They were mainly focused on developing a safe storage for nuclear waste so it won’t be misused by anyone. This seemed like a very large project where as they had to find a way to store the nuclear waste but also make sure that it couldn’t be accessed by anyone.
Lastly we visited the research area where they were researching building safety. We mostly got to see how they were developing building technology for when large earthquakes or other high impact incidents happen.
All in all the visit was incredibly interesting and informational. It was such an honor to be able to visit JRC in Ispra as well as being the first school group to visit the place. The researchers there do an amazing job every day at researching in the purpose of keeping the residents of Europe safe.


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