Visit to Enviroment Park

On the third day of our visit to Italy  we attended the Environmental Park of Turin. We had many people who spoke to our group about the many ways  that radon can harm you. Also on how to measure radon itself and we learn just everything we needed to know about radon.

After those three hours of powerpoints and TedTalks we eventually went downtown, got a tour guide to tell us about the city and whatnot. In this guided tour we walked through Via Roma, which is the luxury street in Turin. This street had every store a tourist would want, H&M, Zara, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Stone Island and many more of those crazy brands. We ended the evening on going to the local sandwich shop which our local friends loved. It had these huge and amazing sandwiches, with real italian bread, cheese and sauces, mmm yummy.

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